Indonesian Food and Wine Pairing

Hello! This week’s topic will be about Indonesian food and wine pairing yay! To be honest, I haven’t tried so many wine pairing with Indonesian food yet (just a few pairings until now) and I will share them here with you!

I realized that a lot of people find it unusual to pair Indonesian food with wine, which I think not because of impossible, but the “image” of wine that supposed to be enjoyed together with western food only, which is funny haha. Well I mean, you can drink wine with any food from any country as long as you enjoy it, there are no rules here haha. And one of the reasons of the lack of wine consumption here in Indonesia compared to other countries is I believe because of the high taxes on both imported and local-made wines. Yea you heard me right, local-made wines. Indonesia does produce wines and it is located in BALI!!! Are you proud of it? Cause I do haha.

Indonesia is one of the New Latitude wine countries besides India, Brazil, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. So, ta-da! Here are few of the vineyard pictures:

Sababay vineyard


So, back to the food and wine pairings. Below are few of Indonesian food and wine pairings that I enjoy. Here you go!

1.Nasi Padang (Padang- style rice) paired with Penfolds Koonunga Hills Autumn Riesling 2015 


2.SateKacang (Satay with peanut based sauce) paired with Toso Moscato Dolce


3.Empal Gepuk (Smashed sweet fried beef) paired with Barton & Guestier Rose d’Anjou 2012


4.Iga Penyet dengan perasan jeruk nipis (Squeezed ribs with a little bit of squeezed lime juice) paired with Sababay Winery’s Moscato d’Bali


5.Kue Sarang Semut (Caramel-based cake) paired with NV Gonzalez Byass NOE Pedro Ximenez


Of course, the pairing was not always a success. One of the pairings that clashed was Pork Knuckle with Andaliman chili- sauce paired with Chateau Promis Merlot 2012. LOL (I know, so obvious right –“) haha.

Anyway, tell me what is your favorite Indonesian food and wine pairing cheers! Would love to hear from you 😉


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