About me

For the love of aesthetic and art, currently I am working at OMSETGO® as a Creative Director. I am involved in Social Media, Design, as well as Branding services.
Despite of having a busy routine, I always love spending my any-time indulging my palate by trying new foods and wines. Speaking of how, this is how the website’s created.

Talking about wine, my passion for wine was born since 2013, when I was pursuing my Degree, majoring Bachelor of International Hospitality Management. Best thing of the story, the interest of wine started as just a pure curiosity – and slow but sure turned into an obsession.

Soon, I decided to explore more about wine and took WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 2 course in August 2013. Grateful to have successfully passed the exam, I want to explore more!

After my Degree Graduation, I got an opportunity to work in one of the Wine Consultancy and Training company based in Malaysia. It broadens my opinion and knowledge while working together with the professionals from the industry. It was truly an enjoyable experience.

Being so passionate about what I am doing, I was invited by one of the Campus’s Hospitality Director to share my passion and wine knowledge to lovely students through two-sessions seminars, which was a sweet and memorable experience.

Well anyway, I hope what is in this blog will be useful for you xx

Feel free to drop me a message or feedback at junvelyn@gmail.com


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