NOE | Pedro Ximenez

neo PX

Gonzalez Byass NOE | Jerez, Spain | Pedro Ximenez.

*Aged for 30 years following the traditional Solera system.

Tasting notes:

A very powerful aroma of dried prunes, nuts, toffee, and raisins on the nose. Very sweet, concentrated and intense on the palate.

Food pairing: Sticky date pudding (recommendation from one of the beloved girlfriends of mine).

Get to know and taste PX the very first time when I joined Gonzalez Byass Masterclass, together with a good friend of mine called Mukund. It was a great experience as we got to tasted six types of Sherry and met the expert Mr. Antonio Flores who came all the way from Spain.

Another memorable experience of PX is when I got this as a sweet graduation gift from Mr. Thomas Ling.

Every empty bottle is filled with unforgettable stories, indeed!



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