Pasta and Wine Pairing


Are you a fan of pasta? What type of pasta is your favorite and most importantly, what kind of sauce that usually goes with it? One more question, how about the wine pairing then?

Have you ever asked those questions before?

I have a friend who asked me “What wine to pair with pasta?”. Then I replied him, “What is the pasta’s sauce?” (Anyways, there are ways to match a type of pasta with a suitable sauce too, which I believe, is about the texture).

Okay back to topic haha. Well, if you are a fan of pasta like my friend and wanted to try a pasta-wine pairing, these are the simple guidance for you:

1. Pasta with cheese (i.e. Carbonara, Alfredo)

A heavy and creamy cheese in pasta will go well with a Full-bodied White Wines like Oak- Aged Chardonnay, Trebbiano or a Light-Bodied Red Wines like Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo.

2. Pasta with tomato based sauce (i.e. Bolognese, Lasagna)

When it comes to this one, I always think of a hearty Italian dish paired with Medium-Bodied Red Wines such as Primitivo (Zinfandel), Chianti and Valpolicella. Delizioso! Ah! You can also try to pair it with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, depends on the weight of the sauce.

3. Pasta with herbs and vegetables (i.e. Pesto)

Try Light-Bodied White Wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino, or Pinot Grigio. They will be a great pairing!

4. Pasta with spicy sauce (i.e. Aglio e Olio,  Arabbiatta)

When it comes to spicy, a Light- Bodied Rose Wines will help to balance the spices here. Do not try to pair something spicy with Full Bodied Red Wine with high tannin, it will burn your

The reason behind all the pairings is based on the weight and taste of the food. For example: Do not pair a light flavor food with a bold red wine as the wine will just be dominant instead of bringing a better and balance taste for you.

Anyways, these are just guidelines for you. You will figure out better when you experiment them yourself. Let your tongue judge by itself, what goes well with what.

So, Tell me what is your favorite Pasta-Wine Pairing! Cheers! (I am hungry now haha).




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