Have you ever been in a situation where you are invited to a casual event and one of your friends open few bottles of wines yet there is no wine glass there. And, plastic cup or mug were used instead! Have you?

Well, I have. So do I actually enjoy the wine I drank? Hmm, If the wine was served in a proper glass, I believe the experience will be better. All I can tell you is, drink a high tannin wine in a plastic cup will ruin your mood the whole night. Additionally, if it was served at a wrong temperature. Double and triple mistakes.

Q: So, should we really use a proper glass to drink wine? Is it necessary?

A: Well, things are created for a reason. So, various types of wine glasses are created not without a reason. Fyi, there are hundreds of glasses out there from which to choose. So, to keeping it simple, let’s just talk about the five most often use wine glasses.




Red wines are usually served in a fuller and rounder wine glasses in order to allow you to dip your nose into the glass to detect the aroma.

It also has a larger surface than any other wine glasses to ensure that enough oxygen is in contact with the wine and the aroma can easily detect.






As you can see in the picture, glass for white wine is more U-shaped than the one for red wine. The purpose is simply to allow the aroma to be released while also to maintain the cool temperature (white wine is served at a low temperature than red wine).





Besides the elegant and fancy looks, sparkling wine is served in a flute glass because it helps to dissipate the bubbles more slowly. Bubbles here means the fizzy texture you had when sipping the wine. A flute glass normally will be upright and narrower than most wine glasses to retain the carbonation and capture the flavor in the beverage.




As seen, rose wine glass has a slightly shorter bowl, round at the bottom with flared rim (to lets the wine run out of the bowl and right into the tip of the tongue) to give an excellent experience to the drinker.








Dessert wine glass is usually smaller in size with a special rim. It is designed with a purpose for people to enjoy the rich and sweet intense flavor of the dessert wines. The special rim is also done that way to make the wine dispense to the back and to prevent the overwhelming sweetness of the wine. It makes the wine goes directly to the back of the mouth.

So now you know, the size of the wine glass is not for fancy looks only but it actually has a functional design for tasting so that we can enjoy our wines better.

Size – controls how much air is in contact with our wine.

Shape – determines how the liquid flow to the opening.

Rim – influences how fast the wine flows and lands on the palate.

Well, there is no right or wrong way to drink. But I prefer my wine in the right glass just like how I prefer my warm soup served in a bowl than a plate. How about you? Comment below and let me know 🙂



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