Halloween Food and Wine Pairing


So here we are again, an awaited scary day of the year! I bet most of you already have plans for Halloween, am I right? haha

Well, besides costumes and scary make ups, Halloween always links to candies, pumpkins, witches, skulls, spiders, etc. For me, I prefer my Halloween to be a fun, exciting and tasty night! Yes, TASTY!

Imagine, a night where you are celebrating with your family and friends, wearing your favorite costume and make-up, playing scary- unforgettable games, enjoying delicious candies, and a session where everyone sitting on a long table and got served some disgusting, yucky, yet delicious snacks, paired with wines and scary conversations! What a Perfect Night, isn’t it? Haha

(Well, tell me your opinion in a comment below)

Talking about disgusting, yucky, delicious snacks and wines pairing, let me introduce you to few of these recommended-to-try pairing:

Ps: Since this is for Halloween, I will just give you a hint of the wines’ character! Nothing’s tricky 😉

1.Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs, paired with “bubbles and acidity” (any wine come across your mind?) 😉


2. Monster Toes, paired with light bodied red wines or off-dry white wines.


3.Pumpkin Soup, paired with medium bodied white wine with medium acidity.


4.Strawberry Ghosts, paired with bold, fruity white wines or jammy, fruit driven reds.


5.Meatball Creepy Crawlers, paired with light bodied red wines.


6.Eyeball Tacos, paired with bold and smoky aroma red wines.


7.Mac-o’-Lantern, paired with off-dry white wines or dry, ripe and juicy red wines.


8.Spooky Shepherd’s Pie, paired with aromatic white wine to rich and hearty wines in fresh and fruity notes.


9.Daddy Long Legs Cupcakes, paired with sweetly-flavored variety of wines.


10.Worm Cupcakes, paired with sweet flavored wines, or sweet fortified wines will do, too.


So, If you think these are a good idea and plan to organize something like this, give me a feedback on how it goes. Would love to hear from you, cheers!

As for the snacks and wines pairing, it still depends on your seasonings, sauce, anything you add on (single thing does change the experience). So, have fun on experimenting and remember, as long as you like it, you are always right anyway haha





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