Chateau Croix de Mission | Bordeaux Blend| Montagne Saint-Emilion AOC | 2010

Chateau Croix de Mission | Bordeaux Blend | Montagne Saint-Emilion AOC | 2010.

Tasting notes:

Deep, dark, concentrated purple in color. First impression? “Wow, the wine was aged in new oak?” Haha well, it shows rich aroma of black ripe fruits as well, such as blackberry, black cherry, plum, spice, a bit of minty character, forest floor aroma, high in tannin. Yes, its tannin dominated indeed. The wine itself will be more enjoyable if it’s aged 1-2 more years I guess. Fyi, I drank it on June 2014. So yes, I guess it will be better in terms of taste if I drink it now?

Food pairing: Beef, Lamb, Pork.

It was a sweet and memorable food & wine pairing dinner back then in Toulouse, France with my fellow classmates. Try their signature foods, new wine (one red, one white), new atmosphere. I would love to go back and explore more about Toulouse.



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