Wine Grapes and Table Grapes


Wine Grapes


Table Grapes

I noticed that a lot of people wondering whether the wine that they are drinking is sourced from the usual grapes that they could find easily at a grocery store, or…oh well, is it true? really?

Basically, the grapes that we bought in grocery store looks more attractive. What I mean by attractive is it’s bigger in size, has thinner skins and thicker pulp (to give you the burst and pop sensation when you eat them just like when you eat cherry tomato). It is also seedless, less sugar and less in acidity compared to WINE GRAPES.

WINE GRAPES, on the other hand, smaller in size yet higher in juice content and sweeter. It has thicker skins and big hard seeds compared to TABLE GRAPES. Yes since it is grown in a way to make a wine that is balanced in terms of tannin, acidity, sweetness, alcohol, etc.

i.e. WINE GRAPES are so much sweeter than TABLE GRAPES since the sugar content is necessary for fermentation purpose.

So, are you on team WINE GRAPES or team TABLE GRAPES?

I love both!



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