Why is ice wine so expensive?


Discussed types of wines with my friends previously, and one of my friends said “I love Ice Wine! That’s the best wine I’ve ever had! But it’s always so pricey compared to others!”

Well, What makes ICE WINE so damn expensive? The size is lesser than other wines yet the price is more beyond others. Hmm, you actually got what you paid for.

It’s expensive not without any reason. So, is it because of the delicious taste? Bang! The answer is not that simple, though.


ICE WINE is produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. The purpose is to freeze the water, to make a concentrated grape must, sugar and other dissolved solids into wine. It requires so much effort and large amount of people to pick the whole crop within few hours on winter when the weather is super cold! Besides, each frozen grape creates just “one drop” of ICE WINE. Can you imagine that?

Unlike other dessert wines, ICE WINE should not be affected by Botrytis Cinerea or so-called Noble Rot.  So, extra attention and care are much needed. In terms of taste, if you noticed ICE WINE has an extreme sweetness yet balance in acidity which makes it so special and precious!

So, what do you think about ICE WINE now after you know the story behind the scene?



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