Which one is the best wine?


Frankly, I have been asked this question like countless of times. And what I can answer all this time is…it depends on individuals. C’mon!

Yes, it’s true! The fact is…everyone has different preference and different palate. Am I right?

Do you love sweet wine? Fine! Your friend prefer dry wine rather than sweet wine? Well, fine too! Enjoy them together over some good foods!

There is no answer to the question anyway. Every wine is beautiful in their own way. There is no statement such as “the best wine”, as every year the world keep on producing fantastic, lovely, delicious wine! So…my suggestion is, keep on exploring until you find the wine that you adore and can’t get enough of! Cheers!

I have found my favorite yet still exploring. Well, who knows I would meet a tall, gentle and handsome bottle of wine tomorrow? Cheers again!



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