Is wine made only from grapes?


Happened to be in a situation where one of my acquaintances asked me, “Have you ever taste wine made from strawberry before? I thought wine is made only from grapes, but I was wrong! It can be made from any fruits I guess. What do you think?”.

Hmm, have you ever heard this before or perhaps you, yourself are curious about the answer? Good news! Now you don’t have to wonder anymore!

So! Wine can only be made from grapes. If made from other fruits, it should be called “fruit wine”. To clarify a bit, a wine that is made from strawberry can’t be called just “wine”. Instead, it should be called “Strawberry wine”. The same case goes to other fruits that are made into wine beside grapes. Wine produced from other fruits will carry that fruit’s name as a modifier (blueberry wine, pomegranate wine, etc). Simple as that huh?

But anyway, grapes are fruit as well (why not call it “grape wines”?).

Interesting question right? Few reasons why most of the wines in the world are derived from fermented grapes is due to the balanced natural chemical, compare to other fruits that mostly lacks either a high amount of fermentable sugars, relatively low acidity or yeast nutrients needed to maintain the fermentation to make wine.

Even not all grapes are suitable to be made into a balance, good wine. Most of the grapes used are from Vitis Vinifera species, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot etc.

Well, so do you prefer Wine or Fruit-Wine?



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