Calvet Rose d’Anjou | Cab Franc |2013

rose danjou

Again, I will start with the first Rose Wine that makes me dream of having it again (haha)

Calvet | Anjou, Loire Valley | Cabernet Franc | 2013.

Tasting notes:

Beautiful salmon pink in color. Lovely, sweet aroma of strawberry, raspberry and hint of hazelnut. Very refreshing and really adore this french rose! Easy drinking and enjoyable!

Food pairing: Dimsum (Fried Yam, Fried Radish Cake) & Seafood.

The pairing between the Dimsum and Rose d’Anjou is seriously so good! You have to try it yourself! Ouch! That feeling when the combination of the creamy fried yam and the sweet hint from the rose melts in your mouth. Heaven! Two thumbs up!



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